pandora essence Sawant is the latest example of punitive action in a season of media bashing

Too much exercise (or the wrong kind of exercise), on the other hand, is bad, particularly if you often train so hard you unable to fully recover for weeks. This leads to overtraining syndrome, which can have drastic effects on long term health and function. Here are some questions to ask yourself to gauge your Read More

Life lessons as an SEO intern at GigaVoice

GigaVoice-Life lessons

If I were to stop and think about the things in life I know to be true from the point where I’m standing now, 3 simple statements come to mind: 1. Everything is about experience. 2. Trial and error is a necessity. 3. Don’t work harder, work smarter. 1. Everything is about experience All of Read More

Content marketing at GigaVoice: From skeptic to believer

GigaVoice-content marketing

Is this internship for real? Knowing the internship situation in my country, I was very skeptical about the opportunity to learn about SEO and content marketing in GigaVoice. First, when I saw the ad I was like, “You guys have just listed all new keywords about SEO and Content Marketing, but we are only going Read More

SEO Internship: Tricks I learned as an intern


Or, decease what was it like for me to be an SEO intern in GigaVoice How to search Google smarter? I clearly remember the days and nights I? have spent in front of the computer, reading things that I would eventually find out to be irrelevant, finding so much ?garbage? instead of what I?m looking Read More

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Hope he ready for Sunday. If we add Drogba to players like (Ignacio) Piatti, (Matteo) Mancosu and (Dominic) Oduro, we going to be stronger for sure. Sunday, the Impact host the first place New York Red Bulls in the first leg of the two game, total goals series. cheap nfl jerseys Credit. S. Andrews (Harvard Read More

wholesale nfl jerseys This is a story about how a community copes

Last GameEarthquakes 1, New York Red Bulls 0; Oct. Ryan Johnson provided the lone goal, his 10th of the season, which came on a penalty kick in the 24th minute. The Earthquakes applied some early pressure and almost broke through in the fifth minute on a corner kick. wholesale nfl jerseys This is a story Read More

MySQL Performance Tuning

GigaVoice Mysql Performance Tuning

Today, there is almost no application that does not use some kind of storage. Experts say that if you use NoSQL, usually 80% of the data goes to NoSQL but around 20% goes to RDBMS. There are a lot of systems where 100% of the data goes to RDBMS. MySQL is one of the most Read More

Software Stability

GigaVoice - Software Stability

Failures are inevitable. order levitra buy cialis 25mg The system can fail on a small or large scale many times in a row. What is important is that we make a system that will only fail on a small scale. Next it is very important how fast the system will recover and continue to work. Read More

Intuitive View of Bayesian Probability


Have you ever asked yourself how does mail spam filtering actually work? It is related with Bayesian theorem. Bayesian theorem is related to conditional probability, probability in relation with previous events. Many computer events are conditional, meaning Bayesian theorem can be applied to them. So what is Bayesian theorem? Short introduction about probability theory Classical Read More

Utilize DB Cursors in PHP


PHP is memory aggressive. Be careful when working with collections. If you put too much data you will increase the memory. You can also exceed the limit if you put several hundreds objects in a collection (depends of the objects and the memory limit). See the following function: Putting million rows in a php array Read More

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